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Places to Stay in the Lap of Luxury in Dubai
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flight tickets you can book with Tramily. Let’s be honest, one of the main reasons you travel to Dubai is to experience the life of the rich and famous. After all book flight tickets, it’s a city with world-class shopping, parties, cuisine, and of course accommodations! This list will give you the cream of the crop, the best of the best when it comes to staying in style in this golden city. Whether a villa on a private island or a modern hotel in the city center is more your style, I think you’ll like these options. Read ahead to get acquainted with where you’d like to lay your head while in Dubai and spend some quality time with family and friends.more Info

1. Nikki Beach Villas

It’s normal and expected to stay in a hotel while you’re traveling and trust me Dubai has plenty of them. If you’re looking for something different however you have to check out Nikki Beach Villas, which is located on Pearl Jumeira island. It is pretty much an urban resort, which has access to Sheikh Zayed Road, which is the main road from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is within 10 minutes. Not only do they have 117 luxuriously decorated rooms, but their crown jewels are the 15 private pool villas and 63 lifestyle residence units. And these really deserve to be experienced for yourself! Along with the accommodations, the facilities also include a private beach for the peak of luxury. Of course, a stay in a place like this wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the onsite spa facilities to really cap things off. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Dubai where you’ll be in the lap of luxury, this is your place by far!

2. First Central Hotel Suites

Choosing a place to stay in a new city is a very important decision that’s worth doing your research for. Thankfully however First Central Hotel Suites has everything prepared and ready for you to have a relaxing stay while you’re there! Any traveler knows that planning the logistics of a trip can be a pretty mundane task. But this hotel even offers airport pickup and dropoff for you so there’s more time to relax and enjoy the city! The hotel itself is absolutely gorgeous with incredible attention to detail. The city views are truly breathtaking and seeing the city all lit up at night is worth a night’s stay alone! They have 4 types of rooms available so you can pick what’s right for you, whether you’re there for business or vacation. Pro tip: Sign up for their email updates to get special offers on discounted rooms and more!

3. Novotel Suites 3.Dubai Mall of the Emirates

Who doesn’t love a little slice of paradise in a busy city, right? Well, get ready to have the best of both worlds at the Novotel Suites Dubai Mall of the Emirates. It’s located right in the iconic Novotel World Trade Centre, very close to important spots like the airport and metro station. Here the staff are known to greet guests with “Ikram” which is the traditional Emirati hospitality known worldwide. Something really great about this hotel is their complimentary shuttle service which will bring you to some popular places like the Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Kite Beach. If you’re travelling for business they also have ample meeting space and are happy to accommodate whatever you’d need as well. And while you’re there, don’t forget to enjoy the amazing outdoor pool to soak in that sunlight and plentiful vitamin D!

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