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How to deal with difficult customers
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How to deal with difficult customers

Unsatisfied customers will tell between 9 and 15 people about their experience. About 13% of unsatisfied customers tell more than 20 people. This is the reason why you have to be responsible and deal with all customers when they have something to say. Here are top 10 ways of how to do that.

  1. Be patient

Imagine it like this – when we plant a garden, there is a certain amount of time that needs to be invested and during that time, we envision the product! So the creative process needs the nourishment of patience. If your thoughts are not positive, negative results can occur. Be patient with your customers and don’t interrupt them.

  1. Listen carefully and show empathy

In order to communicate better, the ability to listen is equally as important as the ability to speak. When you do not listen to others, you are not learning or understanding anything. Show your customers respect and empathy. Bottom line, they are the ones you work for and make your company exist

  1. Call them if you promise

Keeping promises (or not) builds or breaks the trust in human relationships. flight tickets This trust is necessary because it allows us to feel secure. A lack thereof helps us avoid situations or people that do not make us feel secure. Of course you want to build long term relationships with your customers, they are your brand ambassadors. Not calling them after you say you will is not a good idea, and can make your relationship worse.

  1. Offer different solutions

Offering different solutions can boost your customer’s satisfaction. In this way, they will feel like their message is being heard and they will realize they are not just a number for you.

  1. Avoid negative words and remain polite

If you want a positive response in any situation your company can be in, do not use negative words. flight tickets Being polite to your customer’s shows you have compassion. Polite behaviour can also help avoid unproductive arguments!

  1. Apologize if needed

You made a mistake, perhaps it’s not a big deal, and perhaps it is but it’s not the end of the world. You can make it better by apologizing. Being able to apologize can bring benefits like stronger relationships, reduced conflict, and forgiveness – it’s well worth the effort!

  1. Repeat their concerns

Sad truth: Even if you’re right, somehow, you’ll end up being wrong.  flight tickets Because of this, repeating your customer’s problem after them shows them you were listening, which can help lower their anger and stress levels. More than this, it helps you agree on the problem that needs to be solved.

  1. Let them know their comments are being heard, noticed and reported

Sometimes even difficult customers can have good ideas, or push your business to a higher level. Criticism can improve your business by giving new ideas, feedback or comments. Customers love to know that their idea is valuable, even if it’s not in your short term plan. You can let them know that their comments were marked up and when a change is made, you’ll let them know. BUT, in this case, don’t forget rule number 3!

  1. Don’t answer emails right after seeing them, take the time to cool down instead

Your difficult customer is really wrong with this one, what they say is not true, they are trying to get something that wasn’t arranged before, and you want to write all kinds of bad stuff to them? That’s rather normal! Do not leave issues unresolved but at the same time, know when to take a break and try to lay low for a while.

  1. Consult with your colleagues

When having difficult customers, you need to find a personalized way to communicate with them. Brainstorm their issues or situations with your colleagues. You can come up with some good ideas of solving the problem that occurred. Share your plan to consult others with your customer – this way they see that you are dedicated to make their statements important.

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